CHO OYU 2006 ~ EVEREST 2004
Friendship Beyond Borders Expeditions

A Team of International Friends Helping Amputees Change the World

How can you contribute to the success of Nawang and our Expedition?

Help to support our Cho Oyu Spring 2006 Expedition and
lower your taxes. Direct monetary contributions are the
lifeblood of any expedition!

Without enough monetary contributions, expeditions can fail for lack of a way to purchase essential goods and services. Direct monetary contributions are also the simplest and easiest way to support our team. Your valuable monetary contributions can be used to pay for the clothing, communications equipment, food, flights, and travel services needed for our expedition.

We make it easy AND tax-deductible. Direct monetary contributions can be made online with your credit card or bank account information through our secure Donation link to The American Alpine Club on the Black Tie-Colorado website.

Contributing is easy!

Tax-deductible donations can be made to The American Alpine Club in two easy ways:

1. Contribute online by credit card or bank debit

Make tax-deductible credit card or bank debit donations to our expedition through the American Alpine Club's secure service offered by Black Tie-Colorado.

PLEASE NOTE! It is essential that you indicate at the bottom of this online form in the COMMENTS BOX that this donation is for the McMillan Expedition.


2. Send a check or money order
    (for wire transfers please contact us for banking details)

    Donations must be made payable to:

nd sent to:
The American Alpine Club
c/o Mr. Jerome Mack, Controller
710 Tenth Street, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401 USA
Attn: McMillan Expedition

The American Alpine Club (AAC) occasionally grants its sponsorship to particularly noteworthy mountaineering expeditions such as the Cho Oyu 2006 and Everest 2004: Friendship Beyond Borders Expeditions. This type of sponsorship brings into application the 501(3)(c) charitable status of the Club under the US Internal Revenue Code. Under this type of sponsorship, qualified individuals or entities may make contributions to the Club for the benefit of our expedition. These contributions may be tax deductible for income tax purposes.

Climbers and donors should understand that the Club provides no opinion as to the tax deductibility of any particular contribution. To take advantage of this tax-deductible status for the benefit of our expedition, please send donations payable to The American Alpine Club and posted to the address shown below.

The American Alpine Club is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has represented mountaineers and rock climbers for over 100 years. Since 1902, the AAC has been devoted to: exploration and scientific study of high mountain elevations and polar regions of the world; promotion and dissemination of knowledge about the mountains and mountaineering through its meetings, publications and libraries; conservation and preservation of mountain regions and other climbing areas; and representation of the interests and concerns of the American climbing community.

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