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Friendship Beyond Borders Expeditions

A Team of International Friends Helping Amputees Change the World

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Press Coverage

Interesting Facts about this Expedition

More information about efforts in China and Asia to help amputees and other disabled people

Press from January 2007
Daily News & Analysis--India
Sherpas to carry Olympic torch atop Mt Everest
(January 14, 2007)

Press from July 2006
PR Newswire
At the Edge of the World, Seagate Drives Perform Flawlessly for Mountaineers
(July 5, 2006)

Press from May 2006
San Jose Mercury News
Stuck between heaven and earth
(May 31, 2006)

The Rising Nepal
Main News: 194 climbers atop Everest this season
(May 30, 2006)

People's Daily Online--China
Round-up: 1,700 climbers scale Mt. Qomolangma from Nepali side
(May 30, 2006) (New Zealand)
Inglis knocks Everest off
(May 16, 2006)

INMARSAT Satellite System--Press Release
R-BGAN supports disabled mountaineers in attempt on peak 10-05-2006
(May 10, 2006)
A climbing expedition that set out to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about amputees has been using R-BGAN as part of its mission to scale the icy Himalyan mountain of Cho Oyu.

Press from April 2006's Leading Outdoor Magazine
Nepal Disabled climber will climb 6th-highest peak in the world
(April 10, 2006)

People's Daily Online, China
Disabled Nepali plans to scale Mt. Cho-oyu
(April 6, 2006)
Nawang Sherpa, a disabled Nepali, has announced his plan to scale the 8,200 meters high Mount Cho-oyu, state-run Radio Nepal reported Wednesday. "Sherpa, 35, announced his plan at a function organized to bid farewell to him by Mt. Qomolangma Summiteers Association, a non-government organization," the radio said

The Rising Nepal
Disabled Nawang plans to scale Mt. Cho-oyu (April 4, 2006)
The Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) held a programme Tuesday to bid farewell to Nawang Sherpa who has announced his plan to scale the 8,200 meter high Mt Cho-oyu. To encourage and support Sherpa, all the ESA members, State Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yankila Sherpa, his family and friends were present at the function.

Press from March 2006
The San Francisco Chronicle
Climber takes aim at Tibetan peak / McMillan is an Everest vet

(March 30, 2006)
Nawang Sherpa became the first person with a prosthetic leg to ascend Mount Everest.

University of California San Francisco Today
Amputee to Climb World’s Sixth-Highest Peak
(March 5, 2006)
In 2004, former UCSF patient Nawang Sherpa became the first man to climb Mount Everest with a prosthetic leg. Now, with his friend and fellow mountaineer Tom McMillan, Sherpa plans to climb the Tibetan side of Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest peak on Earth, acording to the San Francisco Chronicle. Read story here. print Print story email E-mail story UCSF Today interviewed Sherpa and McMillan when the came to the academic medical center in March 2005. See that story and video here.

Trekking Agents Association of Nepal
More feats on mountaineering expected this season
(March 5, 2006)

Press from February 2006
The Charlotte Observer
Asian peak is next for climber: Charlotte native to attempt to climb 6th-highest mountain (February 12, 2006)

Town of Littleton, New Hampshire
Disability Facts -- Rising above disability to climb Everest
Second Record-Breaking Ascent Planned by Sherpa Climber-Amputee and Friend

(February 1, 2006)

Town of Littleton, New Hampshire
Disability Facts -- Rising above disability to climb Everest

Press from January 2006
Explorers Web
ExplorersWeb Week in Review (January 14, 2006)

Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition Press release
Once Is Not Enough: Second Record-Breaking Ascent Planned by Sherpa Climber-Amputee and San Francisco Bay Area Friend

(January 20, 2006)
ExplorersWeb Week in Review (January 14, 2006)
March of the underdogs: In Ed Hommer's footsteps - Nawang Sherpa back for Cho Oyu (J
anuary 12, 2006)
You can kill a climber but you can't kill the dream...

Everest Summiteers Association of Nepal
Everest: Old and New Record Achievements 

Press from 2005
Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition Press release
Beyond Everest: Nawang Sherpa Sets His Sights on New Achievement for Amputees (December 9, 2005)

UCSF/SFGH Orthopaedic Trauma Center—Outreach: Worldwide Community ...UCSF Today
UCSF Prosthetic Patient Summits Mount Everest (April 8, 2005)

Himalayan Expedition Chronicler/Correspondent Elizabeth Hawley
Seasonal Stories for the Nepalese Himalaya 2004

Base Camp MD
MI-17 helicopter crashes in basecamp...again
(June 2, 2005)
Picture from

Duluth News Tribune
Mountain climber to present state flag (January 24, 2005)

Orange County Weekly
This Week In That's Incredible! Nawang Sherpa
(January 5, 2005)

The Charlotte Observer
Rising above disability to climb Everest:
Charlotte native's aid helps Sherpa with prosthesis reach top of world
(January 3, 2005)

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Press from December 2004
News Flash gives special recognition to Nawang Sherpa and Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition in "Best of 2004" -- Expeditions that have contributed in an extraordinary way to the Spirit of Adventure in the year of 2004. Full story... and
Best of ExplorersWeb 2004 Awards (December 23, 2004)

Gentlemens' Quarterly -- GQ Magazine

The Bionic Mountaineer
(December 2004 issue)

SuperTopo Climbers' Forum
Sherpa and Chris Sharma in GQ Magazine
(December, 2004)

Press articles from November 2004
Budgeteer News
Hommer's legacy lives in foundation
(November 5, 2004)

Press from August 2004
The San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. worker helps Sherpa rise above disability to Everest  (August 20, 2004)

Dispatch from Mt. Everest: Let the Games Begin Lincoln Else (August 16, 2004)

Nepal Tourism Board

Tourism personalities honoured by His Majesty the King (August 2004)

The San Francisco Chronicle
San Rafael man leads team in Everest ascent
(August 6, 2004) 
Everest and Himalaya autumn 2003 Expeditions (August 4, 2004)

Press from July 2004
The Kathmandu Post / Kantipur Online
ESA honors Everest summiteer
(July 26, 2004)
Gorkhapatra Daily--The Rising Nepal

Amputee Nawang Sherpa bags Everest Award
(July 26, 2004)
Indo-Asian News Service
After Everest, one-legged Sherpa sets sights on Guinness
(July 26, 2004)

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Press from June 2004 and
Exweb Everest Debrief: Nawang Sherpa Summit Video (June 21, 2004)
Everest summiteers Nawang and Tom party at Rum Doodle (June 1, 2004)
Nepal News Agency
Everest Award (June 4, 2004)
Spotlight, Mountaineering: Cold Rush More than 1368 mountaineers have climbed atop the Mt. Everest in the last 51 years
(June 4, 2004)

Hindustan Times
Nepal honours disabled summiteer with Everest Award (June 4, 2004)
The Nepali Times

Records tumble on Everest
(June 4, 2004)
Kathmandu Post / Kantipur Online
Disabled Everester feted
(June 4, 2004)

Press from May 2004
NOTE: Our Team member Nawang Sherpa was NOT involved in reported plane crash
The Sherpas of Nepal--Sherpa Mi Sherpa power on Chomolungma (May 2004)
The Kathmandu Post / Kantipur Online

One legged Nawang Sherpa climbs atop Everest
(May 24, 2004)
Disability no bar to this Sherpa to scale Everest (May 23, 2004)
72 mountaineers ascend Everest
(May 16, 2004) (Arab Emirates)
Nepal honours disabled mountain climber with Everest Award (May29, 2004)
Yanous (France--Disabled persons news from the world)
Les personnes handicapées au fil de l'actualité internationale (May31, 2004)
Friendship Beyond Borders Accomplished
(May 2004)
The Nepali Times
Able climber
(May 2004)
Nepali Post/India Times
On top of the world, on a prosthetic leg
(May 2004)
Nepal Mountaineering Association--Highlights of History
Newsletter/Update (May 2004)
View Nepal
Everest and Himalaya weekend WRAP-UP/ Mount Everest
(May 2004)

The Swedish Association of Traffic and Polio Victims
På världens topp - med protes
(May 26, 2004) News

Handicapped Nepali Sherpa climbs atop Everest (May 23, 2004)
South Asia AFP
Four years after losing part of leg, he stands on top of world (May 24, 2004)
South China Morning Post
That wasn't so difficult, says amputee after scaling Everest (May 25, 2004)
Gorkhapatra Daily
Over 25 climbers scale Mt. Everest (May 17,2004)

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Duluth News Tribune
Sherpa expedition reaches summit (May 16, 2004)
Amputee nears summit of Mount Everest
(May 16, 2004)
Marin Independent Journal
Conquering Everest is story of friendship (May 19, 2004)
The Charlotte Observer
Charlotte native reaches top of world
(May 23, 2004)
Peoples Journal Group (Philippines)
One-legged man conquers Mt. Everest (May 29,2004)
Aventura Sur (Argentina)--good mention of team and Ed Hommer
Los primeros en el Everest (May 2004)
Barrabés (Spain)--good mention of team and Ed Hommer
Primeras cimas en el Everest y nuevos records (May 18, 2004)
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
På världens topp - med protes
(May 25, 2004)
Outside Magazine Online
Scores of Climbers Summit Everest
(May 27, 2004)
Rum Doodle Signing (May 30,2004)
Summit fever (May 16,2004)
Play & practice in the icefall (May 3, 2004) and
Everest daily wrap up: Tons of summits more teams
making the push
(May 17,2004)
Everest and Himalaya weekend WRAP (May 16,2004)
Ed Hommers TORCH on Mount Everest SUMMIT!
(May 15, 2004)
Mount Everest summit push 2 - climbers below Balcony (May 15, 2004)
Read how prosthetist/orthotist Tom Halvorson has helped Nawang become an Everest extreme amputee going for summit (May 14, 2004)
Everest daily wrap up: To the summit! (May 14, 2004)
Everest Summit push is on - and this guy is leading the pack!
(May 12, 2004)
Everest daily wrap up: Summit bids announced for weekend (May 12, 2004)
Everest daily wrap up: Season's first summit bid begins today! (May 10, 2004)
Hommers torch at Everest 7300m (May 5, 2004)
Amputee Sherpa Summits Everest
(May 15, 2004)
First Ascent of Mt. Everest Planned by Sherpa Climber-Amputee and his American Friend
(May 12, 2004)

Sunday Times--South Africa One-legged man climbs Everest (May 24, 2004)
Independent Online--Cape Town, South Africa
Climbing season starts on crowded Everest
(May 16, 2004)

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The Himalayan Times--Nepal First ascent to Everest summit in 2004 (May 16, 2004)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News
B.C. man among dozens who scaled Everest in
climbing season's first weekend
(May 30, 2004)
Newspaper Articles
Flag from Carlton VFW close to Mt. Everest summit; Cloquet prosthetic expert waiting for satellite call from summit of world's tallest mountain, The Pine Journal, Minnesota, May 12, 2004 
Of Global Interest Adventure Journal (May 16, 2004)
Carolina Climbers Coalition

Press from March and April 2004 and A Polish Pole (April 6, 2004) Our camp is blessed (April 6, 2004)
KRON-TV San Francisco Taking Artificial Limbs To New Heights (March 30, 2004)
The Himalayan Times--Nepal Sherpa to scale Everest with prosthetic leg (March 20, 2004)

Press from February 2004
The Rising Nepal Sherpa, an amputee, eyes Everest (February 27, 2004)
KRON-TV San Francisco Man To Climb Mt. Everest On One Leg (February 20, 2004)
The Carolina
Amputee climber headed for Everest, with help from Duluth-made prostheses
(February 17, 2004)
Duluth News Tribune
Nepalese climber has high hopes (February 15, 2004)
Expedition Press Release
First Ascent of Mt. Everest Planned by Sherpa Climber-Amputee and American Friend, Joint AMB/Expedition Press Release, February 1, 2004 and
Nawang Sherpa to carry Hommer's torch to Everest summit
(Feb 18, 2004)

Press from January 2004
Alaska Magazine
Fallen Climber Leaves Legs to Talkeetna Bar
Article about Tom Halvorson returning Ed Hommer's prosthetic legs to Talkeetna, Alaska as was his wish (January 2004)

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If you would like Nawang or Tom to speak at your school, corporation, club, university, medical facility, or special event in your area, please contact us.

When in the US, Nawang works to raise awareness of what disabled athletes can accomplish by speaking at events, visiting hospitals, Veterans' Administration and other facilities that serve amputees, and promoting the mission of our Friendship Beyond Borders expedition.

Video footage of Friendship Beyond Borders team in action
during their successful Everest summit bid

Our CHO OYU Spring 2006: Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition was a team of

Friends in Nepal...
Climbing Members: Tom McMillan, Nawang Sherpa, George Patterson, Pete Lardy
Cllmbing Sherpas: Nima Gombu Sherpa (now 10 times Everest summiter); Ang Dawa Sherpa, younger brother of Nawang Sherpa
Base Camp Manager/ Public Relations Manager, Linda McMillan

Friends back in the US...
Nawang's friend Steve Sheridan of Vail, Colorado set things in motion in 2000 when he arranged for Nawang to receive his first prosthetic leg from Walter Racette at UC San Francisco. Nawang's childhood friend Jangbu Sherpa of Colorado Springs has been instrumental in focusing media attention and sponsors to his efforts.
Another team of friends from THE HIGH EXPOSURE FOUNDATION rallied together to enable Nawang to walk and climb to the summit--Ed Hommer, Tom Halvorson and others from the Minnesota-based organization Learn more about the history of the High Exposure Foundation, and how the late Ed Hommer inspired people with disabilities to pursue their dreams, from a member of the HEF Board of Directors, Ms. Brandy Meadows.

2004: Our very successful EVEREST: Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition Team

Nawang talking to reporters in Kathmandu after his
return from the summit of Mount Everest, May 2004

Background Information about Ed Hommer
The late Ed Hommer was the first double amputee to reach the summit of Mt. McKinley in June 1999, and he made an attempt on Mt. Everest (from Tibet) in 2001. He met Nawang Sherpa in Kathmandu on his return from Everest, and had intended to make another attempt in 2003 with Nawang, But Ed was tragically killed by rockfall on Mt. Rainier in September of 2002.

But THE HIGH EXPOSURE FOUNDATION, which he created, lives on. Nawang Sherpa's success on Mt. Everest is a testament to the success of the Foundation.

Ed Hommer posing with his friends (left to right) Tom Halvorson, Kelly Raymond (who climbed Denali with Ed in 1999), and Jim Wickwire (who attempted to climb Mt. Everest with Ed in 2001).

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