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Next Steps For the Friends Beyond Borders Team ~
Cho Oyu Spring 2006 Expedition

Cho Oyu ~ The Turquoise Goddess ~ as seen from the Tibetan Plateau
Our climb of this 8,000 meter peak will highlight efforts in China and the Asia Pacific region to help amputees and other disabled people

This handsome and delightful cyclist, Yam Raisailly of Kathmandu, has also helped to raise awareness of the potential of disabled people by cycling across the entire length of Nepal using an artfully constructed bicycle system.

He is now looking for sponsors to outfit a new bicycle, so he can continue his efforts to help Nepali children like this courageous little girl (right). Photo of this girl is courtesy of Californian Carol Vernal, who has established the Children's Medical Aid Foundation, a non-profit group focused on helping disabled and disfigured Nepali children. Will you help us help them?

1. Leveraging our Everest Success

Our proven team is ready to tackle new opportunities to raise awareness of the extraordinary talents of disabled people, and to show the power of international friendships to overcome the world's toughest challenges.

In the spring of 2006, our team will help Nawang Sherpa DOUBLE his unique success in 2004, by climbing another 8,000 meter peak only 12 miles (20 km) from Mount Everest: Cho Oyu, the "Turquoise Goddess" ~ 8,201 metres (26,906 feet)

In doing so, Nawang will be the first trans-tibial amputee, and first disabled Asian person to climb two 8,000 meter peaks.

Out of hundreds of expeditions around the world in 2004, the famous global adventure website awarded us one of its BEST OF EXPLORERSWEB 2004 Awards in its Best Expeditions of 2004 review, citing that

"By their performace, these expeditions have proved themselves outstanding in all or most of the following:
Courage - Determination - Persistence - Self reliance - Ingenuity - Pioneering - Idealism - Comradeship - Compassion - Respect towards competition - Honesty."

In particular, Special Recognition was given to Nawang Sherpa "for his determination and ground-breaking performance" on Mount Everest.

2. Expanding our ability to help others

Our goals are long term, extending well beyond our Himalayan expeditions. We invite you to join us in supporting our Spring 2006 expedition to this special peak in the Everest region. Supporters and sponsors will help Nawang and people all around the world (like those shown above) who want to work and have a productive, rewarding life after suffering severe injuries. The benefits from supporting and sponsoring our team do not stop at the end of an expedition. The benefits continue to increase and flow outward, directly other people and organizations aligned with our mission. In effect, the bulk of our work for our supporters and sponsors occurs AFTER our expeditions!

For example back in Nepal, Nawang Sherpa donates time to other groups that share our vision, such as the wonderful Himalayan Youth Foundation. The HYF supports and educates needy Nepali and Bhutanese children in their native culture, providing them with the learning tools and job skills necessary to raise the quality of life for themselves and their communities at large. You can learn more about their work at:

The Himalayan Youth Foundation helps orphaned children in Nepal

We also support the educational and humanitarian efforts of the innovative and important non-profit organization Porters' Progress, based in Nepal. Porters’ Progress, Nepal (PPN) is a non-governmental organization staffed and administered entirely by porters. PPN operates from three offices in Nepal – two in Kathmandu, and one in Lukla in the Solu-Khumbu or Everest region. PPN is officially registered with His Majesty’s Government and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

If you have questions about our expedition, or would like us to speak to your group about it, please contact us.

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