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Our Cho Oyu Expedition Team

CHO OYU ~ The Turquoise Goddess ~ Spring 2006

Our team is ready to tackle new opportunities to raise awareness of the extraordinary talents of disabled athletes, and to show the power of international friendships to overcome the world's toughest challenges.

In the spring of 2006, our team attempted to help Nawang Sherpa DOUBLE his unique success in 2004, by climbing another 8,000 meter peak only 12 miles (20 km) from Mount Everest: Cho Oyu, the "Turquoise Goddess" ~ 8,201 metres (26,906 feet).

Unfortunately, heavy snowfalls and trouble with equipment and cooking staff supplied by our expedition facilitator prevented Nawang and our team from reaching this summit this time. We hope to give Nawang another chance at success in the future.

Not with the team on Cho Oyu and Mount Everest, but certainly there in spirit, cheering them on...

Greg Francisco and (below, left to right) Tom Halvorson of Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics Center in Duluth, Minnesota. Tom was Ed Hommer's prosthetist and now is serving as Nawang's prosthetist. Kelley Raymond, who climbed Denali with Ed Hommer in 1999 as a two-man team.American climbing legend (first American ascent of K2, etc.) Jim Wickwire of Seattle, Washington who tried to climb Mt. Everest from the Tibetan side with Ed Hommer in 2002.

The late Ed Hommer of Minnesota (above right), Nawang's friend and the first bilateral amputee to reach the summit of Mt. McKinley on June 3, 1999. Ed had planned to climb Mt. Everest with Nawang in 2003, but was killed by rockfall on Mt. Rainier in September 2002. Ed was instrumental in helping Nawang receive advanced prosthetic and orthotic care through The High Exposure Foundation. which has inspired Nawang to pursue his dream to climb Mount Everest.

Walter Racette (picture below, right) and the University of California, San Francisco Orthopaedic Surgery Department provided Nawang with his first prosthetic leg in May 2001. Seen here, Nawang is providing essential feedback to his friends Steve and Walter at one of his weekly checkups.

Steve Sheridan of Vail, Colorado (picture below, center), who after hearing of Nawang's accident in 2000, looked for ways to obtain a prosthetic leg for him. Eventually he connected with Walter Racette at UCSF, who agreed to donate a prosthetic leg and fitting services for Nawang--another major turning point in Nawang's life.


Expedition Leader and
Climbing Member: Tom McMillan

Climbing Member:
Nawang Sherpa

Climbing Member: Pete Lardy

Climbing Sherpas:
Nima Gombu Sherpa
10 times Everest Summiteer

Ang Dawa Sherpa
Brother of Nawang Sherpa

Shown here on the summit of Island Peak near Mt. Everest. Makalu is in the background.

Climbing Member, Communications & Technology Consultant/Wizard:
George Patterson

Base Camp Manager, Communications, Public Relations: Linda McMillan


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