CHO OYU 2006 ~ EVEREST 2004

Friendship Beyond Borders Expeditions

A Team of International Friends Helping Amputees Change the World

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In-Kind Donations

"Clip in" and Contribute to the Success of our History-Making Spring 2006 Cho Oyu Expedition to enjoy the High Peaks of Global Attention to your products and services, plus other unique benefits

We invite corporations, individuals, businesses, and other organizations to support our Spring 2006 Cho Oyu: Friendship Beyond Borders Expedition and the inspiration it will provide to amputees and other people around the world. Here are the ways you can join our team by providing the following crucially-important items.

Specialized Services Donations Needed

Most Crucial to Success:

* Satellite Phone Airtime credits for use for communication, downloading vital weather information and news reports, and uploading expedition news updates and progress reports to media and sponsors

Gear and Equipment Donations Needed

Most Crucial to Success:

* 1 Satellite phone with charging device, accessories as our voice and data link with the outside world while on the mountain

* 1 Laptop/Notebook computer for downloading and viewing crucial weather updates, maps, other information and composing our Expedition updates, news, and Journal

* 2 PDA devices, High-altitude compatible for communications and data storage

* Portable, lightweight solar panels for producing electricity

Will Contribute Significantly to Success:

* Photographic and video equipment to document mountain conditions and experiences including batteries and charging devices: 2 digital cameras (4+ megapixel) with chargers, 1 camcorder with charger

* High altitude foods: Dehydrated and energy type foods for 5 people

We offer a number of sponsorship levels to suit your needs. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the many benefits that your organization will enjoy as a sponsors of our expedition. Thank you!

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