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Other Benefits You and Your Company will enjoy as a Sponsor of our Team

Our Expedition Sponsors are our essential partners in success. Besides the benefits portrayed for the various sponsorship levels, here are some of the other important benefits you will enjoy as Sponsors of our Expedition Team:

Be Part of Mountaineering and Medical History
As a Sponsor, you become a part of this exciting challenge to help Nawang Sherpa become the first trans-tibial amputee and first disabled Asian person to climb two of the highest peaks of the world.

Enhance Your Image and Brand
Being a Sponsor will provide unique opportunities to show your commitment and support for this historic expedition and its mission to help amputees around the world, and thus enhancing your image and brand worldwide.

Enjoy Unique Publicity in China, Asia, and Around the World
The media reports, press conferences, and public presentations before, during, and after the expedition will give you and your Company global exposure and create public awareness of your organization and its
operations. We can work with your PR and Marketing Departments to help you leverage the expedition to enhance awareness of your brands, products, locations, and marketing efforts. If you would like one of our team members to speak at your company, special event, trade show, or meeting, please contact us for scheduling details. Our Expedition documentary movie (on DVD) will be available for these presentations.

Take Advantage of Dramatic Brand Positioning
Your logo will be featured on our website and various banners carried by the team and photographed during the expedition. The world will see and appreciate your participation in this historic expedition, via print and electronic media and the Internet. The team's expedition jackets and down suits will carry Sponsors' logos which will increase the worldwide exposure of your business and brand.

Use Presentations Tailored to Your Company Needs
As a Sponsor, our team members can be available to appear and speak at your corporate offices, sales events, special events, trade shows, or meetings. Please contact us for scheduling details. Our Expedition documentary movies (on DVD) will be available for these presentations.

For further inquiries concerning sponsorship, please contact us.

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