Expedition Update

May 19th
Team preparing to leave Base Camp (17,500ft.)
You can follow their progress on this National Geographic
map as they leave the Khumbu region

Tom McMillan reported in by satellite phone on Tuesday night Pacific Time / Wednesday morning Nepali Time.

He said that they are now packing up their equipment and preparing to depart Base Camp tomorrow.

They are so well-acclimatized and in such great physical shape, that they think it will only take them three days to get to Lukla, where they will fly back to Kathmandu.

He reported that "it's clouding up now" so it sounds like the predicted precipitation may be on its way. Good time to leave for the lower altitudes.

There was a wonderful image on the website of our campmates, The Himalayan Rescue Association, of our team going for the summit (see upper left corner image on this page). I'm sure that our team may be eager to get back to Kathmandu, but I know they will really miss the presence of the wonderful doctors and staff of the clinic. They volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to keep climbers, support teams, porters, and visiting trekkers safe on the mountain and at base camp.

They are real heroes and deserve the thanks and support of all of us.

    --Linda McMillan



Nima Gombu arranges the strands of prayer flags that worked continuously and successfully to provide blessings for our expedition





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Photo courtesy of our friends of The Himalayan Rescue Association

Our team, approaching the summit of Mount Everest
on Sunday morning, May 16, 2004

Read an article about the AHA Clinic at Everest Base Camp on the National Geographic website









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