Expedition Update

May 3rd
Base Camp Manager Lincoln Else trades Yosemite Big Walls for Everest Big Ice
Our team is fortunate to share our base camp facilities with the Himalayan Rescue Association doctors, Luanne and Denise. Our Base Camp Manager, Lincoln Else, has been recruited by the docs to also help them with logistics, photography, communications, and other jobs.

He won the respect and gratitude of the entire Everest base camp community just a few days after arriving by following his intuition to gather some volunteers to create a new helicopter landing zone for the area . Only two days later, the landing zone was needed for an emergency evacuation of a woman injured by rockfall.

When he's not hard at work with his cameras and radios at base camp, he gets to hone his climbing skills on some local ice walls (see photo at left taken by the doctors). Read the posting from the doctors' very informative BaseCampMD.com website to learn more.


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Lincoln Else is our expedition's Base Camp Manager. During part of the year he works as a Climbing Ranger at Yosemite National Park. Maybe you've debated climbing ethics with him over some of his delicious free coffee in Camp 4 on Sunday mornings?

He quickly became a prized commodity in base camp because of his expertise with communications equipment, cameras of all kinds, computers, emergency medicine/rescue procedures, stone construction techniques, and volunteer project management.